Signature Floor Plans

Great music, poetry, architecture and interior design all begin with an underlying structure. The structures that we employ are Partition and Furnishing Plans, informed by spatial awareness, volume, scale and functionality.

Preliminary plans are completed early in the creative design process. They define the foundational vocabulary of a home. We design layouts as having a foreground, middle-ground and background, considering a wide range of aspects: spatial flow from room-to-room; strong termination points that add depth and interest; vistas at every turn; a balance of horizontal and vertical planes; positive and negative silhouettes; compression and release; juxtaposition of light and shadow; varying scale; and, the deliberate interaction of textures, finishes, colour, lighting and furnishings. Even the most familiar spaces should have the ability to surprise us with a moment of unexpected beauty. Taking objects out-of-context and presenting them in an unconventional manner sparks curiosity and encourages deeper reflection. Deceivingly simple details can make an enormous impact on how a space feels. If anything, it's the small details on our plans, the subtle elements, that slowly reveal themselves, that are the most appreciated and admired. As one of our clients noted, "these are definitely not chair, chair, sofa, sofa layouts."