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Charles Zana- The Art of Interiors

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Zana grew up surrounded by designer furniture and pieces of art that were collected by his father over the years. It is with no surprise that his father would pass on his love for architecture, design and art to Charles. As the tittle of the book suggests, art is present and takes a central part in Charles' interiors. In the book he says, “My obsession always consists of reconnecting with the history of a place, before bringing modernity into it” and to me, he really translates these aspects onto his projects by using highly curated lighting, furniture and art pieces. His approach is to make the architecture and interior design work together. His architecture and interior design expertise allows him to create projects with a more global view.

Charles’ work thrives in contradictions mixing old and new, interior and exterior, symmetry and bold colours. His vision of beauty is that it must be experienced and not just contemplated, and I think that is exactly what shows through a project like “Campo St Stefano” a 17th century Venetian palazzo entirely restored where contemporary art and design pieces accompany the historic architectural details of the residence.

Charles’ book is one of our favourites because we love the artistic uniqueness that emerges from each of his projects.