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Architectural Interior Designer- Melbourne, Australia

Flack Studio is an interior architectural studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Their bodies of work range from residential, hospitality and retail. Alongside their architectural design work, they are also developing a signature line of lighting, furniture, and textiles. I enjoy following their work as I think they are very successful at combining colours, finishes, and textures to create contemporary and timeless interiors. What I found special about their work is the way their interiors speak in an almost theatrical way. Each architectural detail, colour selection, and curated pieces of furniture and accessories work together giving this depth of layers and elegance.

“With a respect for the past and an eye to the future we believe that creative flair combined with exceptional rigor creates spaces of sophistication and ease.”

If I think about Flack Studio, what comes to my mind first is the word colour. Their use of colour is always carefully curated and combined with textured finishes which brings so much depth to the rooms. Sometimes they do monochromatic schemes that create moody rooms with so much character achieving that emotional engagement between a person and a room.

Another thing that sticks out to me with their work is their use of marble and stone. They frequently use a combination of unexpected stones in the same room which creates a beautiful paradox especially in bathrooms and kitchens that will carry over throughout the house.

The beauty of their work also translates through the craftsmanship present in every project. From the plastered walls to the metal work, from the architectural details to the custom cabinetry – every detail is thoughtfully considered.

“We believe that materiality is primordial, and that textural complexity creates compelling tensions”

The power of narrative is strong as every room tells its own story however, they all flow together to make the house consistent – every project has its own distinct identity.

“Respectful of the architecture that preceded him Flack is adept at creating environments that resonate with their era – and echo into the future.”