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Nicole's top 5 things she loves at the moment

Favourite Artist – Mimi Jung, South Korea.

I’ve been so fascinated by Montana-based South Korean artist Mimi Jung after discovering her work on Instagram several years ago. She creates unique hand-loomed tapestry made from poly cords and painted paper giving a feathery transparency to her work almost like floating clouds in the sky. Playing with weaving’s basic elements of the warp and weft, her creations are often in soft or vibrant colours creating a three-dimensional experience in various forms ranging from metal cast, wall work, large scale installations and more recently, glass work. Earlier this summer her work was placed in the new Frank Gehry Conrad project in downtown LA.

Favourite Light Fixture – 'Empire' Chandelier by Mary Wallis

During a spring trip to NYC, I saw the Mary Wallis ‘Empire’ Chandelier for the first time inside the window of E.R. Butler & Co. and I immediately stopped to admire the beauty of the fragmented glass and modern brass framework. The soft glow of the light contrasted against the deeply coloured drapery vignette and matte black architecture and I was mesmerized by the contemporary edginess that this light embodied. The piece is modelled after a traditional Victorian lantern, with hand-cut beveled glass and state of the art construction while revolutionary in its simplicity. Mary Wallis is an Australian born, New York City based lighting designer who has collaborated with Lindsey Adelman’s studio which earned her a personal line and collection.

Favourite Chair – PL 19 armchair by Franco Albini

I was first introduced to this highly collectible chair in 2017 at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House in NYC while I toured designer Robert Stilin’s luxuriously comfortable living space where it was paired with the most impressive art collection and many other wonderful 20th & 21st century furnishings. The model PL 19 armchair was designed by architect, urban planner, and furniture designer, Franco Albini in Italy, c. 1959 in conjunction with Franca Helg, Albini’s long-time collaborator. Known as the “Tre Pezzi” (three pieces) the modern wing chair consists of a curved seat and back cushions set within a graphic lacquered metal frame. The metal structure is reminiscent of the handrails designed for Milan’s Metro subway. Albini apprenticed under master architect-designer Gio Ponti, and worked with various mid-century manufacturers during his lifetime, including Cassina, Arflex, Poggi, Arteluce, Brionvega, and Knoll, and many of his designs are still in production today.

Favourite Accessory Line – Kose Milano

One of my all-time favourite contemporary accessory lines is Kose Milano designed and handcrafted by Rosaria Rattin in her lab in Milan. She uses old artisanal techniques with all natural materials like clay, wood and glaze creating shapes that are minimal but three dimensional and simply beautiful. With porcelain so thin it’s almost delicate in nature but incredibly strong in the forms they create. Various techniques are used to achieve the elegant colour palette that are often painted with water colour, precious metal effects applied or intricate wood textures.

Photos by Nicole Webster

Favourite Place – Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, Barcelona, Spain

This iconic landmark of the modern movement and 20th century art and design has been on my list of places to visit for so long and during my trip to Spain this spring it was one of the first places I set out to see. The Mies van der Rohe Pavilion was designed by the architect himself and designer Lilly Reich for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona. The pavilion was the face of Germany after WWI, emulating the nation’s progressively modern culture that was still rooted in its classical history. It is built from glass, steel, and a mix of different types of marble, onyx and travertine which epitomize the ideals of modernism: perfect symmetry, open-plan spaces, precise distances and minimalism. The Barcelona chair was designed specifically for the building. Beautiful bronze sculpture by Georg Kolbe, entitled "Alba" (Dawn)