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Robert's top 5 things he loves at the moment

Favourite Architect – John Pawson

John Pawson is an English architect best known for his modern minimalism, and mastery of proportion, scale and light. I first saw his work when gathering inspiration for a luxury residence in 2012. I was impacted by the visual strength of his work which incorporates some of the most compelling and luxurious sightlines a space can offer.

Favourite Artist – Peter Beard

It’s difficult to choose a favourite of anything let alone an artist, but Peter Beard is who comes to mind now. He was exceptional in many ways such as his dangerous good looks, social connections, but also importantly his photographic skill and scrapbooking. The images within his work are powerful in that he’s known to document several Kenyan animal species in a challenging way. His work is often smeared with his own blood adding a morose but beautiful organic atmosphere.

Favourite Car - 1963 Lancia Flaminia, Touring Convertible

Lancia is the type of automotive brand, steeped in heritage and appreciated by the ultimate connoisseur. It’s a brand sought after not for the message it sends to others, but for the experience it gives to the individual behind the wheel.

The Flaminia was its flagship model with several design houses shaping their own bodywork to create a special model. This was much more common then compared to now, especially in Italy where design is supreme.

This specific model, I believe to be the most captivating, was styled by design house Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera of Milan. It utilized many of the Lancia Formula 1 developments of its era, making it world class in every way. Technologically, the Flaminia was a step ahead of even Ferrari at the time. Perfectly encompassing the ideal of La Dolce Vita, the Flaminia convertible was the most luxurious Italian car made at that time and was owned by several celebrities including Audrey Hepburn, Ernest Hemingway, Elio Zagato, Aga Khan and Bridgette Bardot.

Favourite Fragrance – Hermes Poivre Samarcande

Hermes holds a special place in my heart as a bridge to the past I wish I knew. A while after my Gran had passed away, my family and I were doing our best to sort through the estate. I was tasked with sorting my Grandad’s old wardrobe. Unfortunately, I never got to know him because he passed when I was about two years old. In the top drawer was a small travel sized bottle of Hermes Equipage. This was one of the only personal clues I had to who he was and what launched my discovery and love for the Hermes cologne fragrances. I’ve since found my own personal favourite, Poivre Samarcande, crafted by the Atelier’s in house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena for their Exclusive series. It’s scent brings a warm sense of comfort, appropriate for any occasion, but also a sense of personal connection.

Photos by Robert Smallman

Favourite Road Trip – Calgary to Vancouver Island

Having a love for the open road, my partner and I decided to make the infamous journey from Calgary to Vancouver Island by car, and I’m so glad we did. Over the course of seven days, we drove, hiked, and photographed our way from the vast expanses of the parries into the stunning mountain passes of the Canadian Rockies, then down to the beautiful pacific shores of Vancouver Island.

The diversity and scale of landscapes along the way was so breathtaking, making it my top favourite road trip…so far.