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Natalia's top 5 things she loves at the moment

Favourite Architect – Carlo Scarpa, Italy. 1906-1978. “Architect, designer & artist”

The first time I came across the works of Carlo Scarpa I immediately thought to myself, who is this incredible man and how have I not known about his work sooner? Architect, designer and artist- he is best known for his instinctive approach to materials, attention to detail and his masterly elaboration of organic and Wrightian works of art.

Book Recommendation: “Carlo Scarpa” by Robert McCarers

Photos by Natalia Stawecki

Favourite Destination – Japan

There is something very alluring about Japan. The attention to detail not only in design but fashion, architecture and food is incredibly inspiring. I spent half my time in Tokyo and half my time in Kyoto. Both were amazing in their own way, however, Kyoto made an ever lasting impression on me. Something about its historical past, preservation of the arts and natural beauty set itself apart. I can’t wait to go back and explore more of the country.

Favourite Fabric House – Dedar Milano

I have always been drawn to Dedar’s innovative fabric collections, their captivating colour palettes, unexpected patterns and precious yarns. Even though they characterize themselves as contemporary, there is something truly classic about their designs.

Favourite Light Fixture – Snowflake by Paavo Tynell. Finland

From the moment I first saw this light, I never forgot about it. This breathtaking chandelier casts a warm glow of light from the intricately perforated brass bowl upwardly illuminating the delicate hand cut brass snowflakes and casting long shadows on the ceiling which gently move with the flow of the natural circulation of air in the room. The lighting effects of this lamp create a uniquely soothing and dramatic ambient landscape on the ceiling of any room. One day I would love to own this... For now I will continue to dream about it.

Interior above is by Pierre Yovanovitch

Favourite Food and Cocktail Pairing

When I lived in Italy I quickly fell in love with a classic Italian Aprerol Spritz and a Buratta Heirloom Tomato Salad. I find myself craving this meal a lot during the summer. Every bite and sip brings me back to the Italian Riviera.